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How to Put Audio over a Video
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2 Hassle-Free Methods to Add Audio to Video without Any Cost

Author by Helen

Updated on July 28, 2023

Background music can play an important role in some occasions. But not everyone is familiar with how to add audio to video free. And this article provides 2 handy methods on how to add music to a video: one is using a free desktop video editor and the other is to add audio to video online. You can take the needed method depending on whether you want to use a web server or desktop software.
BTW, here is a quick solution to add audio to video. Download and give it a try now if you're interested.

It’s common that you have shot some videos yet they are silent or noisy clips. It is a pity to delete them all and there are remedies to this problem. If the conversations or noises in the clips are not that important, you can directly mute the video and insert your favorite audio tracks as the background music for the video. Actually, it is an essential segment to add music to video in the video or film post-production since the background music can bring people the pleasure of acoustic enjoyment as well as deepen the visual impact. The audio and video are interrelated and mutually influence each other which bring audiences to a new world surrounded in a marvelous mood. So how to add audio to a video? Go ahead and check the 2 methods below.

Method 1 – How to Add Music to Video with Free Video Editor

How can one edit videos without the editing tool? Many people feel that it is so hard to master one professional video editor. In fact, the video editing process is much easier than you thought. No need to purchase any specialized video editing tool, many of the free programs are capable of doing great editing jobs, for instance, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, VSDC Free Video Editor, OpenShot, etc. Here I will show you how to add background music to video via VSDC Free Video Editor:

Step 1: Install VSDC Free Video Editor

To add audio to video, head to the official site [] first to download and install VSDC Free Video Editor.

Import Video Files to VSDC

Step 2: Import Videos to VSDC

Click the "Import Content" button to load your video clips. Then customize the “Project’s settings”, after that click [Finish]. By the way, you can import 2k or 4K videos for converting and editing.

Mute the Video

Step 3: Mute the Video Clips

Right-click the video clip you just add on the lower part of the interface. Then choose Audio effects > Amplitude > Silence to make the video silence.

Also, you can normalize the audio, add fade in/out effect, increase volume or invert the wave as wish.

Adjust the Video and Audio Duration

Step 4: Add Audio File to the Timeline

Click the music symbol on the Object Tools to add sound to video. The chosen audio file will immediately show up in the timeline. You can import the downloaded music or the track that extracted from the video. It’s clear that you can see the duration of the video and audio file. Put your mouse on the audio tracks to adjust the length or directly add multiple music files or the merged audio tracks to make sure the length of the video and audio files are getting aligned.

Combine Video and Audio Now

Step 5: Start to Add Audio to Video Now

This is the final step of how to add sound to a video, head to the menu bar and hit the “Export project” tag. Then choose the output format/folder and set the related video parameters. As for output format, you can select one based on your needs: export the project as AVI, MPG, etc for PC, M4V for iPhone, WebM for web, etc.

After that, click the “Export project” button to add background music to video. Here it will pop up the message to advise you upgrade to the Pro version, if you do not want to do so, just ignore it and press the [Continue] button. If the output files are in .vproj format and can’t upload it to YouTube, you can convert VPROJ file to MP4.

Limits: There’s a pretty complex interface and new users might take a while to find the needed functions. But it’s OK since the above guide is enough to help you deal with how to add music to video issue.

And for some users who want to use Openshot for the editing, here’s a related guide on how to use Openshot for YouTube MP3 uploading>>

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Method 2 – How to Add Audio to Video Online with Simple Steps

If you do not want to install any program or feel the above steps are complicated for you, there’s an easier way to add background music to video without using any auxiliary software. is an online free service that empowers users to add MP3 to video online. If there’s already an audio track on your uploaded video, this server will automatically remove the background sound and embed the uploaded MP3 file to the video. The whole operating process on how to add music to video is as easy as pie:

Step 1: Head to

To add music to video online, first of all, you need to visit [].

Combine Audio and Video Online Free

Step 2: Import Video Files

Click [SELECT VIDEO FILE] button to import your video file(s). The supported video formats are MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, and WMV. If your video format is not on the list, take HD Video Converter Factory Pro to transcode the video format.

Step 3: Add MP3 Tracks

Press [SELECT AUDTIO FILE] to choose the target MP3 file(s). You can add local audio tracks or music files that saved from some free MP3 download sites.

Step 4: Add Audio to Video Online Now

Hit [ADD MUSIC TO VIDEO] icon to start to add background music to video online freely. After done, download the final video clip to local disk.

Limits: You can only upload MP3 files as the background music. If your music tracks are in other formats (WAV, AC3, OGG, etc.), you need to convert WAV to MP3 first. Moreover, you can’t adjust the timeline of the video clip and audio tracks.

Warm tips: If you want to add some special effects to the audio, like fade in/out, you can check the top 5 free online MP3 editors>>

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