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How to Copy Academy Award for Best Picture DVD Movies to Hard Drive

From 1929 to 2015, from the silent film “Wings” to the inspiring “Birdman”, the Oscars (The Academy Awards) has gone through the course of 87 years. Every year, the Oscars keeps searching for the best film of the year, worldwide, called Academy Award for Best Picture. They’re the picks of the best, the classical.

Best Picture Academy Award Winners

2015 (87th) -- Birdman
2014 (86th) -- 12 Years A Slave
2013 (85th) -- Argo
2012 (84th) -- The Artist
2011 (83rd) -- The King's Speech
2010 (82nd) -- The Hurt Locker
2009 (81st) -- Slumdog Millionaire
2008 (80th) -- No Country for Old Men
2007 (79th) -- The Departed
2006 (78th) -- Crash
2005 (77th) -- Million Dollar Baby
2004 (76th) -- The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
2003 (75th) -- Chicago
2002 (74th) -- A Beautiful Mind
2001 (73rd) -- Gladiator
2000 (72nd) -- American Beauty
1999 (71st) -- Shakespeare in Love
1998 (70th) -- Titanic
1997 (69th) -- The English Patient
1996 (68th) -- Braveheart
1995 (67th) -- Forrest Gump
1994 (66th) -- Schindler's List
1993 (65th) -- Unforgiven
1992 (64th) -- The Silence of the Lambs
1991 (63rd) -- Dances With Wolves
1990 (62nd) -- Driving Miss Daisy
1989 (61st) -- Rain Man
1988 (60th) -- The Last Emperor
1987 (59th) -- Platoon
1986 (58th) -- Out of Africa
1985 (57th) -- Amadeus
1984 (56th) -- Terms of Endearment
1983 (55th) -- Gandhi
1982 (54th) -- Chariots of Fire
1981 (53rd) -- Ordinary People
1980 (52nd) -- Kramer vs. Kramer
1979 (51st) -- The Deer Hunter
1978 (50th) -- Annie Hall
1977 (49th) -- Rocky
1976 (48th) -- One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
1975 (47th) -- The Godfather, Part II
1974 (46th) -- The Sting
1973 (45th) -- The Godfather
1972 (44th) -- The French Connection
1971 (43rd) -- Patton
1970 (42nd) -- Midnight Cowboy

The Best Picture Oscar winners cover all the film genres such as war, disaster, western, science fiction, documentary, action, crime, romance, comedy and road movie. No matter what your preferred type is, the Best Picture Oscar goes best with you of all times. The classics, no matter how many times you have watched, you’ll still be enlightened. So why not copy the DVD movies to hard drive for forever keeping.

The Best DVD Copy Software

DVD copy software, as its name implies, is capable of copying the whole content of DVDs legally even the commercial copy-protected DVDs into different formats or different devices. Making a digital copy of your DVD collection is the best way we can think of to store it, as you know DVD discs do not last forever. What’s more, with the best DVD copy software, there is no format problem involved in both the processes of making DVD copy and playing the copied DVD movie.

After you decide to use a DVD copy software to copy Academy Award for Best Picture DVD movies, choose the best one. For Windows PC users, there is no other DVD copy software is superior to WonderFox DVD Video Converter in the DVD ripping and copying capabilities. Now I’m going to show you how to rip and copy DVD movie, the Academy Award for Best Picture 2014 “12 Years A Slave”, to prove its superiorities.

Rip DVD Movie to video

How to Rip and Copy Oscars Movies from DVD

Now, we have a DVD 12 Years a Slave, so we will make a test with this DVD.

Step 1: After you easily download the WonderFox DVD Video Converter
and install it. Run it. You’ll be impressed with its cool black style at the first sight, and the three conspicuous key features: CONVERT video (Add Files), Download Video, and Rip DVD (Load DVD).

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Step 2: To copy The Oscars for Best Picture DVD movies, here we choose the “Load DVD” function. Click it and select the right DVD drive letter. Before it, please make sure that you’ve already inserted the“12 Years a Slave” DVD disc in DVD-ROM drive. As the illustration above shows, the DVD copy software for Windows has a built-in DVD and video player.

Step 3: The DVD content will be loaded on the DVD copy software in seconds for

WonderFox DVD Video Converter

processing. Now you just need to choose an output format or output device on the right. To copy DVD to hard drive, select one format; Or directly transfer DVD to tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android phone...

Step 4: Set an output folder and then hit “Run” button. It will rip and copy DVD “12 Years a Slave” to your hard drive in the shortest time with excellent quality.

Now nothing can stop you enjoying the entire best Academy Award DVD movies on mobiles anytime and anywhere.

Any idea? Please tell us whatever you want to say.

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