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DVD The Other Woman

The Other Woman

In Theaters: Apr 25, 2014
DVD Release Date: July 29, 2014, Purchase the DVD >

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Even though some reviews criticize The Other Woman as out-dated, viewers still be touched by this movie. Three girls being complete strangers to each other originally, all be hurt by a fickle lover, after their knowing “the other woman”, from disgusting of each other at the beginning to having the same revenge to the cheating guy. And at the end of the story they harvested the valuable friendship as well as the renewed understanding for life, that is you need to face up to any frustration with braveness and optimism.

Regardless of whether your girlfriends are obsessed with an emotion problem or not , sharing of this movie not only keep you closer, but also more or less support your brokenhearted ladybro to face a bad man, encourage her to stay away from the Mr. wrong and start a new life.

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Now map out a girls’ night with your ladybros to have a journey to the growth of the mind.

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