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An Alternative to VideoGrabby YouTube Downloader - Make YouTube Downloading More Convenient

In this article, I will mainly talk about what VideoGrabby converter is, how to use it and the problems you may meet when using. Then, we are going to the most important part - a VideoGrabby alternative, which is free from all the defects that VideoGrabby YouTube Downloader has.


HD Video Converter
VideoGrabby Alternative
If you are annoyed at inconvenience by VideoGrabby like the bad network of the server, why not try its best alternative which is free from low speed and contains more output formats for choice.
Free Download
Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/...

The Simple Video Downloading Program of VideoGrabby and Its Usage

VideoGrabby online YouTube downloader

VideoGrabby online YouTube downloader

VideoGrabby is a totally free online video downloading program that is able to download videos from main-stream websites like YouTube and Vimeo. Within simply 2 steps you can download a video.

1. Go to VideoGrabby official website and paste the URL of the video you found onto the field indicating "Paste video URL here".

2. Click on the button "Record Video" to begin downloading. If you simply want to extract the VideoGrabbyMP3 audio files from your video you should click on "Record MP3" to split audio out.

Several Fatal Defects You Have to Notice

The program is easy as you have seen. However, many people do meet many serious problems when using this program. For example, the commonest ones like unstable downloading speed, no more choices for resolution and formats, batch conversion not supported, only a few video websites to choose from and the bad sever which is frequently down. All those upsetting "VideoGrabby not working" issues create a great inconvenience for its users and it seems there is no way out except change your Router or finding an alternative to VideoGrabby YouTube Downloader.

The Best Alternative to VideoGrabby Comes to Catch Your Eyes

HD Video Converter Factory pro is a powerful YouTube downloading software and a multifunctional video editor and converter as well. This program enables you to download videos from far more website than VideoGrabby and support over 300+ formats and codec to choose from as the output. You can change the parameters including resolution, bit rate and frame rate of the downloaded videos or trimming them by clipping and cropping. Batch conversion, which is not contained by VideoGrabby is also available to save you much more time. You do not need to have a very fast internet speed since HD Video Converter Factory Pro provides a very stable downloading process which may only take a few seconds when a 100MB video gets completely downloaded.

Free downloading the most convenient YouTube video downloader to enjoy the fastest downloading!

Get YouTube Video Downloaded within Only Several Steps

Step 1

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro and click on "Download Video" on the top of the main interface. Then preset the output folder and click on "Analyze".



Step 2

After the analysis is over, you can choose the resolution which the original video contains. After finishing it, Click on "Download".

Download a YouTube video

Download a YouTube video

Step 3

Waiting for several seconds before a video of regular size gets downloaded. As you can see from the picture, batch conversion is supported and you can download more than 2 simultaneously.

Downloading several videos simultaneously

Downloading several videos simultaneously

How to Change Formats and Parameters of the Downloaded Video

When the downloading is over, you will be automatically sent back to the main interface, click below "Output Formats" and find the video tag. Choose the desired format by clickingon its profile (You can also choose the device's icon you want to transfer your video to, such as YouTube to iPad, which will offers you the optimal default setting).

Hit "Settings" on the right side then you will see a list of various parameters. If you want to make the output image looks smoother you can choose 60fps frame rate. Or if you want to enjoy higher definition and clearer output quality, try using higher resolution and bit rate to improve video quality.

Now, please download the HD Video Converter Factory Pro to complete your jobs.

More Practical Features HD Video Converter Factory Pro Has

  • 1. Dramatically compressing your video and audio size.
  • 2. A good enchanting ringtone maker for you mobile phones.
  • 3. Adding or removing subtitles of your video.
  • 4. Merging several videos together to make a longer one.
  • 5. A convenient video uploader.
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An Alternative to VideoGrabby YouTube Downloader - Make YouTube Downloading More Convenient

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