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A Pragmatic Approach to Rip DVD to USB Drive

We like watching DVDs in home theater with family members or friends. Meanwhile DVDs confine DVD-watchers to home; it is funny for us to carry a DVD player or a device with DVD Drive around. So watching DVD is not convenient for people who travel frequently or enjoy travelling. If we miss our favorite movies in the cinema, we are accustomed to backing up DVD to hard drive. Hard drive in computer, however, is not easy to carry, so we prefer to copy DVD to USB.

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Why Do We Choose USB to Store DVDs

Firstly, USB is easy to carry with mass storage capacity, ranging from 1GB to 1024GB. For instance: A DVD needs about 3GB to finish backup, so a 64GB portable hard disk can store 20 DVD movies. Besides it only costs $25 to purchase a USB 3.0/64GB.

USB devie price

Secondly, its transmission speed is obviously fast. The transmission speed of three versions of USB is listed below: USB1.1: 12Mbps; USB2.0: 480MBPS; USB 3.0: 5GBPS.

USB Speed

Thirdly it supports hot-plugging or Hot Swamp and PNP (plug-and –play). Hence it is of great convenience for you to backup DVD to USB drive. Only in this way, can you enjoy your videos anytime anywhere on the trip.

Fourthly, some prevailing Audio-Visual equipments support USB device (U-Disk or Portable Disk). Such as TV, Tablet, DVD player, etc. As long as you connect your USB drive to these home appliances, you can experience videos at your will. 
From what I have mentioned, it is definitely necessary to copy DVDs to USB. Next we need a DVD to USB software to help us back up.

A Suitable DVD to USB Converter

When it comes to choosing a right tool, we take into consideration the conversion speed, output quality, price, etc. I would introduce to you a right software: WonderFox DVD Video Converter. This software excels in converting your DVDs. It has a powerful DVD decryption function such as region code, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UOPs, Disney X-project DRM, DVD CSS; so you can rip latest DVDs to USB with this DVD Converter. Some latest DVDs Frozen , Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: Winter Soldier to Collect, Godzilla (2014), etc.

Another good advantage is its amazing speed. For example ripping DVD to MPG needs just 5-min per DVD and ripping DVD to AVI 25min. it is the fastest DVD ripping tool on windows. Additionally, you also can transfer DVD to mainstream devices, such as DVD to iPad, DVD to Android. This easy-to-use converter is fit for novices. Just three steps are enough to finish ripping with this software.

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The Tutorial of Storing DVD into USB

Download DVD to USB Converter

Note: Before you start ripping your DVD, you should free download this software and install it successfully.

DVD to USB steps

Step1: Double click to open this converter after inserting DVD to DVD-ROM.

Step2: Load right DVD and press “Output Format” to choose format. This converter adjusts parameters automatically. If necessary, you can adjust them on your demands.

Step3:Click “Run “button to start conversion process.

After finish converting, copy output files to USB drive. Just dozens of seconds are enough to backup DVD to USB. Then USB helps you enjoy favorite DVDs on other devices on the go.

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