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Top 10 Websites to Watch the Latest Telugu Movies Online
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Top 10 Websites to Watch the Latest Telugu Movies Online

Author by Oswald

Updated on Mar 22, 2024

Ranking 4th among the languages with the highest number of native speakers in India and also being USA's fastest-growing language, Telugu is swiftly enlarging its popularity – and so are Telugu movies. Suffice to say, this rising star tends to exceed Bollywood and become the new India film-market leader sweeping overseas. And the higher pricing, than most Hindi Movies, that Telugu movies bill always turns out to be worth the money - ask anyone who’d gone to the Telugu movies.

Speaking of going to the movies, we movie enthusiasts would also care for some crashing-on-my-couch movie enjoyment. The ubiquity of streaming devices enables that one can easily get online movies on his home theater, the only problem left is where to find full-length, HD online movies. Now, I’d like to present the top 10 websites for watching the latest Telugu movies online, I hope you can find a satisfying one among these recommendations.

Recommended by the editor: A reliable and practical YouTube video downloader program:

Disclaimer: The information provided below is for general informational purposes only. WonderFox is in no way collaborated or affiliated with those websites, and will never advocate any copyright infringement action. The use or reliance of any information contained on third-party platforms is solely at your own risk.

Part 1. 10 Best Sites to Watch Telugu Movies Online

Editor’s Overview Einthusan PlaySominal TV Hungama Hotstar ErosNow MovieRulz TodayPK Bolly2Tolly FilmLinks4U The Cine Bay & Pycker
Video Quality HD HD HD FHD FHD DVDscr/HDrip DVDscr/HDrip HD HD HD-FHD
Player’s speed Mediocre Fast Fast Fast Mediocre Slow Mediocre Mediocre Fast Fast
No registration - - - - -
Free/Free trial √/√ -/- -/√ -/- -/- √/- √/- √/- √/- √/-
Download option - - - -
Mobile App - - - - - - -
TV Streaming - - - - - - -
legitimacy - - - - -

1. Einthusan


Einthusan, “the leading Premium South Asian streaming content provider of full-length feature films in on-demand superior HD” as it claims, and probably the best place to watch online Telugu movies without cost, I’ll give it that. Einthusan offers a wild range of Indian movies (including but not limited to Telugu) with subtitles, from the 1940s to the latest. Not only the fair video quality, the cozy user experience, the stable server, enjoyable users’ interaction and especially the unmolested free trial for any users impressed me as much.

As soon as you visit the website, Einthusan will ask you to choose a section from Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, and it’ll accurately present you the corresponding movie contents afterward. Besides movies, video contents within are categorized into music videos, movie clips, feed, and shared videos, which make it a video sharing platform even better, on top of a movie website.

Pricing: Free. 25 USD payment for ad-free lifetime premium

Pros: They keep adding frequently requested movies all the time.

The most concise interface among all.

An acceptable amount of advertisements for a free and legal movie platform.

Versatile video player allowing you to cast movies to bigger screen, crop movies.

Users can easily share contents with one another.

Detailed viewers’ rating as per movies attributes: action, comedy, romance, storyline, performance.

Cons: Though not so complicated, but registration is needed.

When in poor network condition, you’ll even have to wait for the ads to buffer before the movies buffering, how tragic :)

2. PlaySominal TV


PlaySominal TV is a premium entertainment portal to watch high-quality Telugu movies online. They have a category consisted of many kinds of India languages (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada) movies with English subtitles. If you are an English speaker also, that could be pretty good news because you get to pick a favored kind of subtitles.

Everything on Sominal TV just seem solid, I say it’s a decent choice if you’re seeking a place for affordable, ads-free, good-quality, no-buffering, safe & legal online Telugu movies watching.

Pricing: 1 Month Pass - 11.99 USD per 1 month; 3 Months Pass - 29.99 USD per 3 months; 1 Year Pass - 99.99 USD per 1 year.

Pros: Mouseover preview for every movie, take a peek to know if it’s your cup of tea before watching.

Aside from displayed IMDB ratings, you get to rate on your own and view other users’ ratings.

With a practical search function and rich Telugu movies inventory, you can easily get what you came for.

Provides the latest web series which you can find at “Movies with English subtitles” category.

Requests list for movies that are not included yet.

Cons: The only basis they leave potential customers to evaluate whether this site is worthy of its pricing is a single demo movie of half an hour length.

Need subscription to watch movies.

3. Hungama


Hungama is a Bollywood entertainment website that delivers TV shows, music, profound short films, kids videos and efficient movie streaming. It contents cover a wide scope of languages: Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Marathi, Odia. Apart from media resources, there’s also detailed and accurate info about top actors, top singers, top music composers, top regional stars, top TV stars, gossip, etc. After finishing a movie, scroll down to the PRIMARY CAST, by clicking on the portrait of the favored actor, you’ll enter his profile page from which you get to explore other movies/songs of him.

Note that only its mobile App is the full-featured version. For free trial and download options, go to Google Play or App Store to install the App on your mobile.

Pricing: 4.99 USD per movie and diversified subscription plans vary from USD 4~7/mouth to USD 15~57/year

Pros: Huge collection of…everything!

Watch up to 720p quality, full-length Telugu movies online at a reasonable price. Flexible plans, especially if you’d be more comfortable with paying as per movie than long-term billings.

Free listen to latest popular music with the built-in MP3 player & download Telugu music in MP3.

Cons: When playing certain movies, might lead you to another domain where you can watch the movie indeed but further registration is required.

Movie download option for mobile App only.

Ad-supported free plan, limited download for many paid plans.

4. Hotstar


Hotstar can’t be stranger to any media streaming user living in India. As the nationwide renowned video-on-demand & over-the-top service, Hotstar has gone so far along the path of becoming a mature, professional and well-organized media service, and it is one now. In 2019, Hotstar servers 150 million active users monthly. Providing Indian movies and TV shows in various language options: Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, English, Kannada as most similar services like Netflix, Sony LIV, Amazon Prime Video, Eros Now do, Hotstar also offers soaps, Hotstar specials, dramas, football streaming, etc. as the enriching of its streaming catalog. The lack of free trial is a vital drawback, but the giant user base suggests its reliability, Hotstar is always a good choice to juice up your streaming media library.

Pricing: $49.99/year

Pros: Streaming rights on the largest amount of Telugu movies

Mouse-over on a movie’s thumbnail, you can check out the brief intro: length, genre, language, year, etc.

They have the best server among all. The best viewing enjoyment, watch high quality Telugu movies online without buffering.

Supported on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Samsung Smart TV & Chromecast.

PG ratings are shown.

Cons: The bundled annual plan, with Live Sports service, might not be pleasant to some users.

As they don’t have a practical searching for a specific language, like it’s really hard to find a specific Telugu movie according to the genre, year, cast, etc.

The movies’ names are only shown on the thumbnail, causing inconvenience at times.

Ads between play.

5. ErosNow


I’m gonna level with you, even considering the full-blown of online-streaming industry, and although ErosNow looks terrific, it’s still not a really professional service yet, it’s a growing with many rough edges waiting to be fixed. But ErosNow is absolutely another good streaming service that focuses on India movie contents to turn to, but at a better price.

There’s no denying, that 16.99 USD annual cost for most popular movies in Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati, Polish, Russian, Swahili of good quality is a good deal, not to mention the attached ARY TV, HumTV, high-quality music playlist, ErosNow originals, etc.

Pricing: USD 1.99/month; USD 4.99/quarter; USD 16.99/year.

Pros: Check out the exclusive photos, movies, videos, music and more of celebrities on ErosNow: Alia Bhatt, Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Chopra, and more.

Multilingual subtitles for many movies.

A place to acquire legit movie download at a low cost.

Android, Amazon Fire TV stick, Android TV, Apple TV, Opera TV streaming.


No free trial. Practically all videos need paid subscription, free users have only access to some ErosNow originals and movie trailors.

6. MovieRulz


Movierulz has been a public torrent website for online watching & free downloading full-length & high-quality movies for quite a long time, here you can watch Telugu movies from 2017 to the current year. Despite the eye-popping inventory of latest movies of Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, etc. and swift download speed, I failed to watch and download some movies while I’m using it, and some movies’ quality are barely satisfactory. But whatever, it’s probably the best download source for free users. BTW, on such kind of websites, pop-up ads, access-denied and redirects (watch your clicks) are like daily routine, these stuffs really take patience.

Its original site was down due to copyright issue, one of the newest address is shown above.

Pricing: Free

Pros:Search the Telugu movies you want to watch thru alphabets.

Check out the Recent and Updated Movies and the trending keywords on the side column, see if your desired latest Telugu movies are here!

Provides users with direct play; direct download; torrent download options; From 320p to 1080p movie torrents for free download are provided.

Movies sources of multilingual dubbed version.

Cons:They have too many visits…The overwhelmed website server brings about poor network speed which keeps their videos buffering

It’s banned in India, VPN could be essential while using it.

7. TodayPK


TodayPK is not only another place for watching online Telugu movies, and the dubbed movies from many other countries. From the category shown above, you’ll be astonished by its impressive movie collection, which includes Featured, Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Hindi Dubbed, Telugu, Pakistani, Tamil, Punjabi, etc. movies from 2008 to the current year. For most movies, TodayPK has four or more backup players to fit a variety of network condition. And the movie quality, I don’t feel as good as 1080P Full HD as most of them are labeled, but it’s close to HD quality.

Unlike many other torrent movie sites, TodayPK won’t direct you to another page for watching the movie, it feels clean and safe while using, and it doesn’t have some endless popping ads – just the ones you have to endure before a movie.

Pricing: Free

Pros: Download magnet link provided.

Hundreds of Telugu dubbed foreign movies.

Cons: Many movie uploaders on TodayPk force user to disable Adblock before watching the movie

Dazzling page layouts

8. Bolly2Tolly


A place mainly for Bollywood and Tollywood movies in Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali languages, and TV shows. Its simple main page and simplified classification should not be underestimated as a reflection of poor inventory but the gesture of featuring ease of use. Large thumbnail and detailed intro at mouse-over make it easy for a new user to find to movie he wants. And it thoughtfully offers a FAQ section for newbies at torrent movies sites, answering the question that their viewers most likely have in mind – is watching movies on Bolly2Tolly legal? Something like that.

When you try to play a movie, there will be some flickering window popping up posing like virus or malware which might scare a handful of user to bounce but it’s actually not. It’s fine. You just close it and proceed to the movie desired.

Pricing: Free

Pros:Easy to get the hang of.

Effortless instation searching.

Cons:Too many pop-ups and redirects.

Its URL changes frequently.

9. FilmLinks4U


Filmlinks4u is actually, as its name suggests, a website with “links” of online films that are already there for you. Instead of a place offering Telugu movies, it’s more of a video sharing sites like YouTube where users can upload and import videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitch and Facebook and view the ones from the others. And many “Videos” that you can find in “Latest videos” category are actually high-quality movies. Also, here you can find animation, music, comedy and entertainment videos. Their “Movie” category is a database from which you can search desired videos using keywords, rating, country, release time, etc.

Just like YouTube, the videos on this website can be embedded in your own page with HTML code.

Pricing: Free


High definition music videos of Bollywood, Hollywood, etc.

hardly any ads.


Video Upload Option Not Available sometimes.

Watermarked videos.

10. The Cine Bay & Pycker

The Cine Bay:


The Cine Bay & PyckerThe Cine Bay & Pycker

I’m gonna put these two together since they’re so alike.

On the first sight, you might find they are nothing more than some flashy webpages embedded with a YouTube video, which could be the only content that is worth the visit. Their smooth video playback and marvelous video quality, are as a matter of fact granted by YouTube the almighty. Of course, why don’t I just search the desired Telugu movies on YouTube and see if there are any free full-length ones?

Well, the reasons that I’m putting these two here are:

1. I figure there might be some people who don't know that YouTube is also a good place to watch Telugu movies.

2. If you look closer, The Cine Bay does feature a practical scouring for finding desired movies; And Pycker has may interesting writings, attractive knowledge to followers and they both have an eye-pleasing gallery.

3. There are new movies’ release, trending news, and reviews from actual viewers.

Beyond the above mentioned, I can name but one major point of their existence to be a directory to locate certain movies according to genre, language, years, etc. If you know exactly what movie you’re looking for, turn to YouTube right ahead, and wish you the best luck. I wouldn’t deny, however, the contribution they’ve made to torrent resources, but I’ll skip that for now.

Pricing: Free

Pros: Smooth playback, hardly any buffering, high-definition, good quality.

Comprehensive directory to abundant video contents.

Informative articles about trending news and popular celebrities in Tollywood.


Watermarked gallery pictures.

(The Cine Bay) Sporting repellent advertisements everywhere.

(Pycker) Too many movie sources are unavailable.

Tips: Best YouTube Channels that Provide Free Full-length Telugu Movies

Mythri Movie Makers:

Volga Video:

Telugu HD Movies:

iDream Telugu Movies:


Part 2. The Most Anticipated Telugu Movie Release

RRR - Roudram Ranam Rudhiram


KGF Chapter 2

Viraata Parvam

Tuck Jagadish

Part 3. Advice to Watch Telugu Movies Online Safely and Legally

Free full-length Telugu movies online are surely eye-catching, and it does seem convenient and handy to download pirated Telugu movie or cammed versions online from some so-called legal sources. But… NO torrent site is legal, uploading & watching illegal contents are crimes in many places, USA and India included. I wouldn’t suggest you get too comfortable on conducting illegal and unsafe behaviors at your own risk.

On torrent sites, certain behaviors you are asked to perform before they feed you with the actual movie, might bring your vulnerability. You should be aware of the risk that your PC might be attacked or hijacked by malware and whatnot.

Neither penalty nor personal data leak is acceptable. Anyway, be wary and steer clear of dangerous movie sources, or at least don’t patronize them.

The gist is, I recommend you choose paid services or authorized video hosting sites like YouTube to watch & download the desired Telugu movies. Apart from the above mentioned, paid streaming services always provide more, better quality and newer movie sources than free/torrent sites, and more importantly, they are safe and legal.

Have a good one.

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