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How to Convert VOB to AVI

In this article, what we will discuss and solve is how to convert VOB to AVI, that is, how to convert VOB video to FLV video.

There are lots of people asked this question through emailing me, so today I will wirte a related article to show you how to convert VOB to AVI step by step, I hope it will help you solve the problem.

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Make A Clear Cognition about the Conversion Process

If someone wants to know "How to convert..." such as how to convert VOB to AVI, first, he has to understand the process and know the difference between different formats.

VOB, it is a kind of DVD video formats. VOB files usually recorded in DVD Disc and played under some DVD player. The format is a professional DVD files' format.

AVI, it is the common even popular video format. AVI files are widely supported by most multimedia player, and most users would like keep videos in AVI. With the supported software, AVI is available. So, the process from VOB to AVI may be seen as the process from hardware to software.

The Way to Convert VOB to AVI

After learned some basic information about conversion and the different formats, then "how to convert VOB to AVI" will be easy to users. Just need some assistant software.

Convert from DVD Disc - If your video is in some DVD Disc, and you want to convert the VOB files out; first you have to rip the VOB files out and then use some conversion software to convert VOB to AVI.

Direct Conversion Process - If the video you have is just recorded in VOB and don't record to DVD Disc, then you just have to get some video converter help you to convert the VOB files to AVI video directly.

Steps to Do the Conversion Process with Some Video Converter - Indeed, "how to convert VOB to AVI" is not hard for most users; what hard is to select the right software. For Rippers, go to cnet.com, there is lots of related software. And base on the review of the users, it's easy to get a right one. For video converter, here I recommend HD Video Converter Factory Pro . It is the professional and powerful software for video converting. The software is easy to use and support fast converting speed with high quality in comparison. It is worth trying.

Steps: 1. Download and install the software > 2. Run the software and click "Add" to import videos > 3. Set the output format and output profile > 4. Click "Start" to convert and wait for the process done.


Here is the User Guide in detail. Then, all process has done. If you get the right software and know right way, any conversion process is easy.

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