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Youtube to Video Converter Factory Pro
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Do you like surfing on YouTube?
Do you like the videos on YouTube?
Do you want watch the popular videos whenever you need or wherever you go?

I think your answer must be YES! However, as the limitation of format, sometimes we can not watch them as our will. Fortunately, YouTube to Video Converter Factory Pro turns up, it can help us solve those problems. The YouTube to Video Converter is an all-in-one best video convert for you, it can not only help you convert your videos or audios, but also its powerful editing functions and rich settings will help you individualize your videos to make the videos that you really like.

The YouTube to video converter could easily convert YouTube videos to the common formats (AVI, MKV, MP4, 3GP, WMV, MPEG, MOV etc.), even to the popular portable devices such as PSP, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Nokia mobile phones etc.)
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Key Features of YouTube to Video Converter Factory Pro

Youtube Video Converter
Powerful Converting Functions:

  • Convert YouTube videos like FLV to the target format you need like: MOV, MPEG, AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, M4V, etc.
  • Convert nearly all the other audio formats to the popular audio formats for you like MP3, WMA and WAV
  • Converting with swift processing speed help you save your time!
  • Merge, Clip, Split, Crop Your Videos – Make Enchanting Movies Your Way!

    Merge Several Files into One
    Merge several of your video/audio/picture collections differently together to enjoy them together.

    Clip Your Video
    Clip your favorite sections from a video to watch the section you like best.

    Split Several Files from a Single File
    When a file is too large for your digital devices, you can split it into several files to make it fit for your multimedia device exactly.

    Crop Frame Size
    Crop your videos' frame size to get rid of any unwanted areas of it.

    Add Special Effects to Individualize your Video!
    Adjust video brightness/saturation/contrast. Add artistic effects such as old film, blue, mosaic or canvas and so on to make your video look special.
    Video Editing
    Provide You with Smart Converting Process and Rich Settings

    Finish Task With Optimized Conversion Profiles
    Finish task with optimized and classified conversion profiles, which can avoid complex operations; you do not have to worry about where your converted profiles are, you can see them immediately as soon as the converting process finish!

    Calculate Output File Size for You
    You can see the calculated output file size on the application's interface so that you can see whether it is fit for your digital devices.

    Extract Audios and Pictures from Your Video

    Extract Audios from Your Video:
    Extract your favorite music or dialogues from the videos you like and convert them to the right format that is fit for your digital devices to listen to them whenever you like.

    Extract Pictures from Your Video:
    Extract the beautiful picture of the video you like, then you can use it to do many things like setting it as your computer's wallpaper.
    Comfortable Life Starts with YouTube to Video Converter Factory

    Pro 1. Work for you in the background to save your system resources.
    2. Converting with swift processing speed to help you save your time.
    3. Support converting batch files to different format and different preferences.
    4. Preview the original and the converting files side-by-side for easy comparison.
    5. Keeps your software updated with the latest features automatically or you can do it yourself.
    Format References
    Out File Format Supported:
    MP3, MAV, WMA
    In File Format Supported:
    YouTube Video (*.flv)
    Screenshot of Youtube to Video Converter

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