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Free Download Popcorn Time for Windows & Popcorn Time Review

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Popcorn Time Download

Popcorn Time is a P2P media player designed to enable users to watch movies and TV shows online for free, in HD or SD with subtitles. Its current version is still a beta, beta 3.7.

1. Click the download link "https://www.popcorntime.ws/download" from Popcorn Time official website.

2. After downloading, follow the prompts to install.

3. Once the installation is completed, open it. The main interface of the application shows two major categories in the upper left corner - Movies and TV Shows. Select a movie or episode; select quality and subtitles, and then click “play” to enjoy! All the entries in the list have thumbnails, and all are showing a short synopsis and a trailer before playing the actual movie.

A laudable feature for Popcorn Time is the speed. It can play the movies almost right after your click, but you need a fast Internet connection and that particular movie must have enough seeders. Also impressive is the fact that, most of the time, the quality of the video streaming is usually flawless.

Popcorn Time Download 2015

What Makes Popcorn Time Imperfect (Popcorn Time Review)

1. Popcorn Time for Windows is great, but something incomplete or unsatisfactory exists, too. The platform, for example, if you download Popcorn Time Beta 3.7 for Windows on your Windows XP computer, it will not work. Because it supports Windows 7 and above.

2. Second, and more importantly, the Popcorn Time legality. Just like the reminder on its website says, “Downloading copyrighted material may be illegal in your country. Use at your own risk.”

3. Moreover the cases that can happen very often are that the application’s unable to connect the server and infinite falls the line.

4. There are some other rough spots here and there; for example, every now and then the app gets stuck when you update it.

5. Furthermore, it doesn't allow you to free download movies and TV shows locally for flexible playback on popular mobiles anytime anywhere.

What Helps Fill in Gaps

Imagine a software product that allows you to directly backup commercial DVD, namely rip and copy, to your mobile phone and tablet, as well as download online video without any legality issues, no doubt it makes up for the defects of Popcorn Time.

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