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How to Watermark Videos on Your Computer with Amazing Video Watermark Software

Author by Rocabella

Updated on May 30, 2022

To protect video and copyright, we usually add watermark to video. Of course, sometimes, this video watermark can also play a propaganda role. Whatever the purpose of adding watermark to video, a simple and reliable Video Watermark Software is essential. If you're still struggling with which tool is worth trying, this guide will give you the answer.

Now, free download the recommended software and learn how to add watermark in video easily:

A watermark is a still image or text that overlaps video. It can cover the entire dimension of video, appearing in the center or one of the corners of video. It can be opaque, but most of the time it's transparent so that it doesn't interfere with video itself. Watermark can help us better protect rights and increase visibility, etc. Then, how to watermark videos?

Tutorial on How to Watermark Videos with the Best Video Watermark Software

Load Your Video into Program

Step 1: Load Your Video into Video Watermark Software

Free downloadFree download, install and launch WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your PC. Now, click on Converter icon to enter a new window. Click the Add Files button and select the video you plan to work with. Alternatively, you can drag the file from the folder to the program's working area.

How to Put Text Watermark on Video

Step 2: How to Add Watermark to Your Video

Option 1: Watermark in Word

Click the Watermark button to enter a new window. On the lower left side of the new window is the Text Type area. In the white rectangle you can enter the text you want to add. Click the setting button next to the white rectangle, and you can customize fonts, font sizes, colors, shadows, and copyright symbols. Click OK to save your settings.

When you want to add art fonts, you need to search for fonts from the Internet and download them to your computer. Copy and paste the downloaded fonts into system. Usually, you can add fonts from the control panel by searching for Fonts.

Click on the + symbol to add text to video. You can adjust the transparency of text by clicking Opacity button, and rotate the text by clicking Rotate button. By the way, you can click the red delete button if you are not satisfied with the text watermark.

How to Add Image Watermark into Video

Option 2: Add Photography Watermark into Video

On the lower right side of the new window is the Image Type area. Select the default image is very simple - click on the folder button and then press Choose under a preset image, and pick a picture you like. If you want to load external images, click Load image under the folder button and select your local images.

Again, click on the + symbol to add image watermark to video. You can adjust the transparency of image by clicking Opacity button, and rotate the image by clicking Rotate button. By the way, you can click the red delete button if you are not satisfied with the image watermark.

Output Watermark Video

Step 3: Add Watermark to Video

Click the Output Format on the right side of the interface, and choose one desired video under Video tab. Next, click the inverted triangle button on the Output Folder at the bottom of the interface to set the path to store the watermarked video. Finally, click the RUN button to add watermark to video.

Watermark in Word: Customize Your Text Watermark to Video

Watermark in WordWatermark in Word

1. Fonts: First of all, you can choose any existing font you like. In addition, you can download various artistic fonts and install them into the system, and then add the text of this font to video. Details will be explained in a later tutorial.

2. Font size: The text size can be adjusted freely.

3. Text color: Free adjustment.

4. shadow: You can set the size, as well as the color.

5. Copyright symbol: C, R, TM, which cannot be typed by keyboard, can be directly inserted here.

Photography Watermark: Customize Your Picture Watermark to Video

Photography WatermarkPhotography Watermark

Similar to text watermark, image watermark is also a common way to protect videos. Compared with text watermark, image watermark is more lively.

There are two kinds of image watermarks.

The first is the default image, which already imports over 100 images for you to choose from.

The second is to load external images. This means you can choose any image you want to use as a video watermark. The following image formats can be supported:

.gif;* .jpg;* .pax;* .bmp;* .ico;* .cur;*.png;* .dcm;*.wmf;* .emf;* .tga;* .pxm;* .wbmp;* .jp2;* .j2k;* .dox;* .crw;* .psd;* .iev;*

It should be noted that PNG, ICC and TGA diagrams with transparent channels are all supported. Dynamic images are also allowed to be loaded into the program.

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