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How to Make Mobil Phone’s Ringtone with a Ringtone Cutter
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How to Edit Gorgeous Phone Ringtone with a Great Ringtone Cutter

Author by Hales

Updated on Aug 22, 2023

Do you want to make distinctive ringtones for your phone? In this tutorial, you will get a handy ringtone cutter - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to make your unique ringtone. Download this ringtone maker to get started:

Looking for a Convenient Yet Powerful Ringtone Editor?

For many people, unique ringtones bring pleasure and attention. But the built-in phone ringtones are always the same. For this reason, many users want to make nice ringtones by themselves. This article will introduce you the easiest online and offline ringtone cutters to help you cut your favorite songs into your phone ringtone. Continue reading.

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Two Simple Methods to Cut Ringtone for Cell Phones

Many video and audio editors can act as ringtone cutters. This article will introduce offline ringtone cutter and online ringtone cutter. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the best offline ringtone cutter because of its stability, usability and versatility. Download the program and follow the tutorial below to cut your ringtones.

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Edit Ringtones with WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Enter the Editing Interface

Before start, please free download and install the ringtone cutter on PC.

Option 1. Cut Your Ringtone in Ringtone Studio

Launch WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your PC. Then open Toolbox > Ringtone Studio to open the ringtone cutter.

How to Cut and Save Ringtone

Cut Your Ringtone in Ringtone Studio

Before editing, select Andorid or iOS device on the left depending on what are you going to make your ringtone for. Then click the Add File button to add a video or audio file. Thereafter, move the 2 blue trapezoidal sliders in the middle to cut the file you want to keep as your ringtone. Next, choose "Phone ringtone" or "SMS ringtone" at the bottom. Finally, click "Save" to export your custom ringtone.

Note: Ringtones for iPhone cannot exceed 40 seconds.

How to Convert Ringtone

Option 2. Edit Your Ringtone File in the Converter Module

This software is also capable of converting ringtones to other audio files. First, enter the Converter module, click Add Files to add a ringtone file, or drag and drop it into the converter interface. Then select a desired audio output format on the right. Next, modify the audio parameters in the "Parameter settings" if you need. You can also use the Trim tool in the toolbar to cut the ringtone. Finally, click the Run button to start the conversion.

Cut Ringtone with Online Ringtone Cutter

How to Make Ringtone for YourselfHow to Make Ringtone for Yourself

Please visit: to access the free online ringtone cutter.

Step 1. Add a File to the Online Ringtone Cutter

Click on "Choose file" in the middle to add a file for cutting a ringtone.

Step 2. Edit the Ringtone Audio File

Before editing, you can click on the triangle button on the left to play the file, then move the vertical bars on both sides to cut the part that you want retained as your ringtone. Or you can input the exact start and end time for cutting. When all are set, click "Save as" on the right to select an output format. Finally, click "Cut" to start encoding the ringtone and save it on your computer.

In the end

Though online ringtone cutters don't require installing any software, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is still the best choice for it can do more than just cutting ringtones, it also enables you to extract audio from video, increase or decrease audio volume, alter audio bitrate and other parameters, and even convert YouTube video/music to Android & iPhone Ringtones. Download it now and discover more riveting features yourself!

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