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Is It Legal to Watch Putlocker Movies, TV Series? An Overall Understanding of Putlocker

Author by Michelle

July 1st, 2020

Being a giant in the world of numerous free streaming sites, Putlocker has been taken offline by a High Court order as early as 2016 due to copyright infringement. But this verdict didn't put a stop to Putlocker as its life goes on with the clones and the copy sites. Putlocker still receives millions of visitors today and the trend continues apace. So is it legal to watch Putlocker movie & TV or not? Read on to get your answer.

Disclaimer: This article aims to inform the general public about piracy and WonderFox does not advocate any copyright infringement in any way.

Part 1. What Is Putlocker?

Putlocker is an online streaming website, or, to be more specific, a set of piracy sites that host entertainment media files, mainly movies and TVs, for free streaming and downloading. It offers links of the latest, the hit, and the paid movies and TV series of Netflix, HBO and other sites here so that users can view these content in the comfort of their home. It makes profits mainly from ads and its premium services and has an estimated web-worth of $2,140,000. According to, a website value calculator, is able to attract nearly a million visitors each day and make an estimated revenue of $1,307 per day and $470,520 per year.

Part 2. Controversies and Charges Faced

Controversies and Charges Faced

Since Putlocker is a file hosting piracy site, it has gone through multiple controversies and charges on copyright infringement throughout the years.

Back in 2012, the shut down of another mega piracy site - Megaupload add a boost to the spreading of Putlocker in the public. And soon after the event, Putlocker was identified by the vice president of Paramount Pictures as one of the "top 5 rogue cyberlocker services". was hence forced to change to which was again changed to in 2014. In 2016, the website was blocked in the UK by a High Court order while more mirror and proxy sites were made available thereafter, though they were often suspended or seized. In 2017, the Federal Court of Australia has made 42 piracy sites, including Putlocker, KissCartoon, and GoMovies blocked permanently. And in 2018, a man from California was charged against a federal copyright law when he downloaded Deadpool, a superhero movie, from Putlocker and then uploaded on Facebook in 2016.

Part 3. Is Putlocker Still Operating?

The answer is yes. Although domain addresses have been continuously taken down, Putlocker just finds another one to replace it. Also, like other piracy sites, Putlocker does not store any files on its server and all the contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties to avoid legal trouble since it is the direct site that’s providing the unlicensed contents should be held accountable. And it takes huge efforts to hunt down the servers behind the hosting sites. So in this way, Putlocker is still alive. But all-the-years changes have seen its decline. The original website was first founded in the UK, 2011 and received a growing number of visitors in the days after. It reached its peak in 2016 before it was shut down by the UK High Court. But since then, dozens of mirror or proxy websites, many of which bear the Putlocker name like,, and, have emerged to continue the service. The down of an old address kept bringing up the next new one and the currently available domain address is

Part 4. Is It Legal or Safe to Watch Putlocker Movie & TV?

Putlocker TV & Movie - Is It Legal?

It is not legal to watch or download Putlocker TVs and movies because resources on this site are unlicensed. For example, you could even find the still-in-theater films available on this website, which is clearly illegal to watch, not to mention download or even upload to another site. But it is still safe (though it is unethical), at least for now, to only view movies and TV series on Putlocker as it is really hard to pin down everyone viewing this site and determine their crimes. Yet potential risks are always there, you should be away from such sites to rid of this risk.

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At last...

It should be reminded again that piracy is illegal and watching these pirated content can be both dangerous and unethical.