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Nokia E75 Video Converter, Convert Videos to Nokia E75

Nokia Video Converter

You may have a Nokia E75 in your hand and you may also want to get a related video converter for it. However, facing so many related video converters, which one you should choose may annoy you a lot. Before choosing a Nokia E75 Video Converter, the advices in the following passage I think you should take into consideration.

Firstly, Understand the Specific Parameters of the Video that Nokia E75 Needs

Since we want to get the suitable video for our Nokia E75, it is necessary for us to know the specific parameters of the video that Nokia E75 needs, which include the resolution, video bitrate, audio bitrate, video encoder and audio encoder and so on. Here I will list these parameters that are suitable for Nokia E75 below:

1.Resolution: 320*240; 2.Video bitrate: 512kbps; 3.Audio bitrate: 128kbps; 4.Video encoder: MPEG-4; 5.Audio encoder: AAC; 6.Video frame rate: 24fps; 7.Audio sample rate: 44100Hz

These are the most suitable parameters for Nokia E75 videos, if you want to play videos on Nokia E75 with high quality, it is better for you to set these parameters.

Secondly, Understand What Video Format that Nokia E75 can Support

Like most cell phones, the video formats that Nokia E75 can support are also limited. The video formats that Nokia E75 can support are only some regular cell phone video formats like 3GP and MP4. Some other popular video formats like FLV and RMVB can not be played on it or they can not be played without the help of other application like some video player software. Thus, if you want to play videos on your Nokia E75 smoothly and clearly, you should better get the video format MP4 or 3GP.

Finally, Understand How to Choose a Good Nokia E75 Video Converter

After reading the passage mentioned above, I think it is not difficult for us to know what kind of Nokia E75 Video Converter we should choose, except the basic converting functions, we should also know whether this video converter can provide with rich parameter settings that we can get the most suitable videos for our Nokia E75. Here I think I can recommend you a good related video converter for your Nokia E75, it is Nokia Video Converter Factory Pro 3.0. it is just designed for all kinds of Nokia series besides Nokia E75 and the latest Nokia N8, except its good converting function, fast converting speed and easy operation, the greatest feature that Nokia Video Converter Factory Pro 3.0 has is that the list of profiles is neatly organized so that you can find your phone easily and each profile you choose will take the most suitable parameters that your Nokia phone needs as the default. Thus, if you want to convert your files so you can play them on your Nokia E75, you can find that profile by going to the Nokia E category and you will get the most suitable converted videos for your Nokia E75. The same applies for other phones. Just go for a Nokia Video Converter Factory Pro 3.0, it is worth for you to have one!

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More Info and Tips related Nokia Video Converter Factory Pro 4.5

Nokia Video Converter Factory Pro 4.5 is powerful and advanced converter designed to convert all video formats to 3GP and MP4 video formats for X6, X3, N97/N97 mini, N900, N96, N86, N85, N82, N81, 5800, 5230, 5300 and others. It also supports converting and extract audio to your Nokia.

This Nokia video converter provide powerful video editing function such as crop video, cut video, merge video etc.

Nokia Video Converter Factory Pro 4.5 always keep us with the development of Nokia cell phones, will add new profiles for new Nokia cell phones. Now, Nokia Lumia and N series are new and still popular with people, for users who want to convert video to these popular cell phones, Nokia Video Converter Factory Pro can easily help you do that, see the related tips here: How to convert video to Nokia N8, how to convert video to Nokia N9, how to convert video to Nokia Lumia 800, how to convert video to Nokia Lumia 900, how to convert video to Lumia 710

Actually, Nokia Video Converter Factory Pro 4.5 can help you convert any video to nearly all Nokia cell phones models with optimized presets, so you do not have to figure out what the video settings for your Nokia cell phones, you just need to select the device name from the output profile and then all the settings are optimized beforehand. For more tips and how-to tutorials related Nokia Video Converter Factory Pro, please see the Nokia video converting tips center >>.

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