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How to Cut a Song on iTunes with a Couple of Clicks

Author by Jane

Updated on July 5, 2022

It is known that iTunes is a pretty good digital music managing application. However, one point that most people might ignore is that it allows you to trim the start and end of your music for some basic editing. So how to cut a song on iTunes with just a few clicks? I will show you the detailed operation in the following post. Keep reading.

Sometimes the Live version of a song is more impressing than the recording one. There, however, usually are some redundant sounds like prolonged applause, lengthy prelude, finale or gaps between tracks, unnatural distortion or residual noise, etc. This would have impact on the hearing enjoyment to some extent. If you are playing, managing, or collecting your digital music with iTunes, you don’t need to waste time seeking other music trimming tools because iTunes comes with the ability of cutting songs. This article will detail how to cut a song on iTunes.

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How to Trim a Song in iTunes with a Couple of Clicks

Add File and Make a Note of TimeAdd File and Make a Note of Time

Step 1. Launch iTunes. If the song is not in the playlist, you can import it by clicking “File” at the top left corner >>>head to the “Add File to Library” or pressing the shortcut key Ctrl + O.

Step 2. Play the song you want to cut, and mark down the start and end time you want to cut by the playback progress at the top-center section in iTunes.

Choose the Start and Stop Time of CuttingChoose the Start and Stop Time of Cutting

Step 3. The music file will be displayed in the primary interface. Right-click on the title of the song, choose the “Song Info” in the drop-down list, it will pop up a new window about the song information. Head to the “Option” tab, check the start and stop options and enter the time points respectively you’ve just recorded, then click OK to return.

Output Format Setting and Save FileOutput Format Setting and Save File

Step 4. Focus on the toolbar at the left top corner, click “Edit”>>> “Preferences”, a new window will appear. In the “General” segment, click “Import Settings” to select the output format for cutting song. There are 5 available options for you: AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3, and WAV. Then click OK. Under the “Advanced” tab, you can customize the output directory, then press “OK” to return

Start ConversionStart Conversion

Step 5. Select the song you need to convert, click “File”>>> “Convert”. If you set AAC as the output format, it will show “Create AAC Version” here. Start to trim song in iTunes by hitting “Create AAC Version”.

With simple 5 steps, you will finish how to cut music on iTunes. And the cut song will automatically appear in the “Library”. Of course, you can also find this trimmed file in the output directory.

A Free Alternative to Solve How to Trim a Song in iTunes

iTunes’ built-in cutting function is a great help for people who want to crop their music. However, you can’t preview the cut result so the whole operation process might be in vain due to the inaccurate cutting. Want to preview the trimmed file in advance for one-time cutting success? I highly recommend WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory which allows previewing your cutting song and exactly crop the file. Next, let me show you how to cut a song with this highly-evaluated free tool in detail.

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How to Cut Songs in iTunes with Free HD Video Converter Factory

Import the Song File to the Program

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software on your PC.

Step 1. Import the Song File to the Program

Run Free HD Video Converter Factory. Directly drag and drop the song to the main window or add it by clicking the “Add File” button at the top left corner.

Clip the Music with a Few Clicks

Step 2. Clip the Music with a Few Clicks

Click the scissor icon to enter the clipping window. Click the triangle icon on the far left side to play the music, then you can easily move the sliders to select your desired part. Or you can fill in the accurate start and end time in the box below.

Focus on the Triangular symbol with brackets, on which you can preview the trimmed portion by clicking. In addition, you can fine-tune the start and end time via hitting the marked triangle icon. Then, click OK to return to the main window.

Select the Output Format and Save the Cut file

Step 3. Select the Output Format and Save the Cut File

You can select a new format for the output song like AAC to MP3 in the “Output format” list on the right side. Finally, customize the output directory below and click “Run” to start the cutting and converting process.

Optional: If you want to make more editing changes on the music. You are recommended to try WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro which is able to cut, merge songs into one track, compress audio files and batch convert songs, which also supports converting audio into FLAC, ALAC and other lossless audio formats.

At last...

Have you unlocked this trouble on how to cut a song on iTunes and save it? With just 5 steps, you can enjoy the finely cut songs. Try to cut your song in iTunes right now.

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Rip the Song from the Video to ALAC Format

Rip the Song from the Video to ALAC Format

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro can extract music from videos in lossless audio format like ALAC, FLAC for better hearing experience. You can also download song or music video from more than 1000 mainstream websites with lightning fast speed.

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