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2 Handy Methods of How to Apply Audio Fade in and Audio Fade Out Effect

Author by Charlotte

Updated on May 20, 2022

Have you ever been frightened by the sudden start or end of a song when you listen to music? To avoid this, here, this article will present 2 handy methods to simply apply audio fade out effect to your music which have an sudden start or end so that you are able to better enjoy your music!

Why Do We Need Audio Fade in and Audio Fade Out?

Actually, audio fade in means that the volume of music sound starts from silence to normal gradually. On the contrary, audio fade out means that the audio sound gradually changes from normal to silence when we listen to music. In our daily life, we may be frightened by the sudden start and abrupt end of audio, especially when we listen to those cutted audio made by some editing software. Therefore, it is inevitable that we need such a user-friendly way to make audio fade in, fade out. Next, the below will tell you how to fade music with 2 free and practical methods!

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2 Simple Methods on How to Fade in & Fade out Music

Method 1 – Fade in & Fade out Music with Audacity

Audacity is a cross-platform, free open source audio editor which is used for recording and editing audios. By using this user-friendly application, you are capable of applying fade in fade out sound effect with simple operations.

How to Fade Music with the Help of Audacity

How to Fade in and Fade out Audio

Step1: Visiting to download and install Audacity. After done, run this audio fade in and audio fade out program.

Step2: Click “File” > “Open” button to import the audio files. Or you can directly drag and drop the audio files from your local hard drive to Audacity’s window.

Tips: Through using Audacity, you are also able to edit the audios, such as cutting, removing vocal from song or removing the part you don’t want or like, normalize audio, etc.

How to Fade out Audio

Step3: Hold down the left mouse button to select the first several seconds of the music waveform, and then click “Effect” > “Fade In” on the menu bar to fade in audio.

Step4: Likewise, to add audio fade out effect, you should highlight the section of the end of audio you want to fade out to silence, then click “Effect” > “Fade Out” on the menu bar.

Finish Music Fade in and Music out

Step5: After applying Audacity fade in or Audacity fade out effect, you can pre-listening the music. if the adjusted music has no problem and meets your requirements, clicking “File” > “Export” button on the menu bar to export the final audio file.

Method 2 – Fade in & Fade out Music with Online Tools

Fade in and Fade out Music OnlineFade in and Fade out Music Online

If you think the above audio fade in/ fade out method is a little bit complex or difficult, you can adopt some online services to fade in and fade out songs as well. Here will use as an example to show you the specific operation steps.

Step1: Visiting

Step2: Uploading one audio file that needs to add fade in or fade out effect from your PC.

Step3: Set the audio fade in and audio fade out time by entering the accurate seconds.

Step4: Click “Cut Now” to start to fade in and fade out music.

Tips: You are also able to reduce or increase audio volume, convert audio to WAV, MP3, etc. formats.

At last...

The above 2 methods can help you simply add music fade in and music fade out effect. If you want to download music from YouTube, Facebook, or other sites for offline playback, or want to convert your music to MP3, M4A as well as many other formats, you can try this practical and effective helper – Free HD Video Converter Factory. Download it to easily convert, cut and merge songs!

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