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ASF DVD Ripper - Rip and Convert DVD Video to ASF

WonderFox DVD Ripper

WonderFox DVD Ripper supports ASF coding well. So it can convert DVD video to the high-quality ASF file very quickly. And WonderFox DVD Ripper is an all-round DVD tool, more than a 'ASF DVD Ripper'. Because it contains editing function, you can fully control your output files.

ASF DVD Ripper

What is ASF?

ASF is the abbreviation of Advanced System Format. It is a proprietary video and audio container format developed by Microsoft primarily for streaming media, and it contains audio and video data and optionally metadata, such as title, author, and copyright bibliographic data. ASF files specify the structure of the audio or video stream, but not the encoding method. They often contain Windows Media Audio (.WMA) or Windows Media Video (.WMV) data. They can be compressed using a variety of video codecs. This is similar to the function performed by the AVI and Ogg container formats. As its features, it can be used for Video on Demand, live broadcast and distance learning widely. Therefore, it is pretty common that many users would like to play DVD to meet these video applications in our real life. In fact, ASF video files are not often seen for its special uses. Users may need an great ASF DVD Ripper to rip DVD to ASF.

Suggestions on Choosing a Great ASF DVD Ripper

It is not easy to get a great ASF DVD Ripper from so many kinds of DVD rippers over the market. Users need know the criteria on a great ASF DVD Ripper. Here I would like to introduce users with useful tips on this point:

1. Support ASF coding process well. A great ASF DVD Ripper can support ASF coding process well to ensure the high-quality effects. It should be designed for ASF conversion with proprietary features.
2. Fast ripping speed and high-quality output effect. It can finish the ripping process with high-quality output video and audio effect in relatively short time.
3. Safety. A great DVD ripper should not contain any spywares and viruses.
4. Extra functions. Users can enjoy more functions besides ripping DVD. You may edit the video with trimming, cropping and adding special effects as what you want.

Based on these principles, I do recommend you WonderFox DVD Ripper. It can rip DVD to ASF with nice output effect and little time. It doesn't include any harmful factors to your computer or mobile devices. Users may finish the whole ripping process with few clicks. Besides, it can provide users with extra options, users can edit the videos as what they want. It can be seen a professional ASF DVD ripper for users.

Steps of Ripping DVD to ASF

Users can finish the whole ripping process with a few clicks.

1. Download WonderFox DVD Ripper and install it.
2. Load DVD disk, and then choose 'ASF' as the output profile.
Full Steps
3. Click 'Start' button to enable the ripping process.
4. Get the output ASF files and enjoy it.

As you can see, it is so easy to rip DVD to ASF with WonderFox DVD Ripper. You can spend little time on the ripping process in a pleasurable way.

In conclusion, the WonderFox DVD Ripper is really a good choice for us to rip/convert DVD to video. The DVD ripper runs well on Windows, so, we can easily convert DVD to PC, convert DVD to Hadr Drive, copy DVD to tablet, convert DVD to cell phone with it. Furthermore, the software also allow us to convert DVD to AVI, convert DVD MKV, convert DVD to WMV, convert DVD movies to MP4, rip DVD files to audio; and besides, convert DVD to iPad, rip DVD to file to iPhone, convert DVD to Nokia video type, convert DVD to BlackBerry video formats and convert DVD to Android devices are also available for us.

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